My fantasy, your reality.

The biggest critic at the end of the day is you. For criticism of beauty and perfection has become the absolute death of us hidden in today’s artistry, the creation of the critic lies behind the creation of self; becoming who you deserve to be. The creator had to become the absolute figment of his own imagination to realise that that doesn’t exist for any good reason. We do now, you and me. In what we want to call our own life. We are the self makers. The higher purpose of what we mean. Love, light, memorable thoughts and of course the beauty in all art and it’s true position in our lives. Not society, the monster of self creation. It was and is still real. The secret. Something that would leave my body after betraying myself in different timelines. For I was my own creation, my own spark, my own critic, my own divine relationship with music and it’s true purpose for me and it’s purpose for every single living thing around me. All cryptic.
I love you all so much from the heavens we see high, so let me also be the force behind you and the hand for you to hold as I guide you through what we all have to offer, the true ability to not only love but the true ability to feel it in every sense of it’s true hidden meaning. I’m blessed. Our alignment, our soul purpose. For I have consumed what is the death of the consumer. And through this the creation of our new set of beliefs was made to ensure we will live together forever.
Love, light & våken.
Pip Alexander Thomas the Saviour.

Hello bright beautiful lights!

I hid away secrets to myself trickily. I was born with two souls intertwined; I won’t go into too much detail now, but I was born with the belief that I myself was in a deep sleep. But now I have truly awoken, not just the god in me but the old me, the human being, friend and person who made a lot out of the world and himself unknown to others who perceived wrongly of his physical appearance, behaviour and misjudgement of love. Me, the boy called Pip; who suffered taunt from nowhere but his own imagination, has become one with his brain and the world’s mind. I was given tools to use in life, like my grand ability to self create. To re-invent not what I was just about happy with on the outside, but to re-invent what I hated within. Things, thoughts and memories instilled in my mind. I was completely unaware of it’s purpose. Why I cried for the things I didn’t understand or know of. I have very sacred knowledge that hold’s the world’s future and all of our purpose.

So I don’t want negativity or anger to become of this, that is not what God’s intention entails, not on any level. It’s about me helping all of you put the lost meaning back into yours and mine’s timelines and our forgotten memories. So that we can realise that we are one as a whole; spiritually, as you are as much of me as I am of you. I am that open minded and can connect supremely well on any level, I will be able to in ways create a transaction. My knowledge for your love. I was and I am born from love and at a point knew nothing better of it, now I am truly re-birthed. I have re-birthed into life’s remedy. My true love for you all exists in our reality. Your reality. This whole new world exists here with us all, it has been waiting.
I love you sweet angels haha :)