My heart has broken sending shudders to my eyes to water. This woman, was a shining beacon for me, she had been for a long time and will continue to be. From early age till now, the more I could get to know her and understand her, the more I loved her, who she was, why she was, what era she came from and how strongly she stood on every ground she walked upon. She helped paved the way for female comedians massively, and never gave that up for a second, she never doubted herself and her talent and was going to let it shine till the day she died. She was an extreme rarity in today’s society, and I hope now that she is gone, people will take the time to actually find out more about her, her craft and why she was. Because it saddens me to think that there are people out there yelling their minds over her “mean comments” and the wrong impression she left on them even after her death. Comedy is sorely needed in the world, especially in this system, and her job was to take it to extreme politically incorrect levels to remind us how ridiculous this world can be. I could say so much more, but I won’t. Rest in peace you beautiful soul.
“At my funeral, I want Meryl Streep crying in five different accents” - Joan Rivers


Milky Way VIC 2 by Faisal Arup


A banned TED talk from Graham Hancock where he talks about ayahuasca and how we are being kept from evolving our consciousness by the powers that be and the collective dream-state they have instilled in the masses that manifests itself as the phobia of mind expansion. MUST WATCH


I have watched this several times, I seriously recommend everyone to watch this. X


From OMNI Magazine 1980
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"I’m not religious, but I feel so moved"
"Luxury is the freedom of becoming something or someone else, the pleasure of making yourself known without revealing what’s within."
Thierry Mugler (via thierrymugler)


Zdzisław Beksiński

Lui Magazine Sept 2014 - Karen Elson by Solve Sundsbo

The Way Things Collide, Ryan Gander, 2012.